A heartfelt thanks to all the participants of the restart edition.

Clubs from 5 European countries Estonia, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria and Croatia contributed to realize this fantastic edition of the 2023 Teamgym International Cup.

A big thank you to PETR GRYGA for his great contribution to the rules, the technical program and above all for having strongly supported the restart of the International Teamgym Cup.

A huge thank you to NATALIA for the excellent organization of the Olomouc stage in Czech Republic and for her indispensable contribution to the excellent success of the event. 

Congratulations to the winning clubs of this edition:




The winning teams have already received their voucher for free holidays in Italy at the Academy Village, sponsor of the event!

We are waiting for you for the 2024 edition which is already in preparation. Venues and dates coming soon!

The next edition will certainly be rich of news, much more organizers and above all big prizes!